The Planet of Rare Diseases - Long Term Care in Romania -

Planeta bolilor rare
Dan Alexandru


Romania is facing one of the most explosive growths of the elderly population in Europe, due to the exodus of 4 million Romanians of active age as well as the general aging phenomenon of the population. About 6-7% of the elderly population in Romania needs home care serviceº but only 0.23% actually benefit from such services.

At this moment Romania does not have a national network of integrated long-term care (LTC) services. Social and health services currently provided in institutions and at patients' homeº are insular, fragmented, sectoral (the health ones being separated from the social ones and limited) and insufficient as coverage.

The Belgian cyclists organized by ADR Vlaanderen also support this effort by organizing the campaign "Pedaling for the Elderly", a campaign in which 15-18 Belgian cyclists pedal in stages of 1000 km to promote the need of the elderly in Romania to have access to a sustainable network. of home care services. In September 2019, the Campaign is in its sixth phase.